This project was influenced by another Social Science Research Council initiative, “Autoethnographies of a Pandemic from Brooklyn’s Epicenter.”  Most of the work we have posted here was produced by students who were enrolled in the Spring 2021 Urban Anthropology class, however some of the blogs were also written by students in the Fall 2020 Anthropology Senior Capstone course. Read about the students involved below. To read their research blogs, click on their titles.

Is the US Vaccine Distribution Truly Equitable?

Kayla Allen-Brown is currently Ph.D. student in American Studies. She is interested in researching how Black women create agency in precarious spaces. More broadly, her research interests include social justice issues, critical race theory, black feminism, womanism, minority social movements, and grassroots resistance.

Starbucks and the Exploitation of the Essential Worker

Nicole Blackburn is a master’s student in Applied Anthropology studying sexual violence prevention strategies. She is also employed part time at Starbucks Coffee Company and is considered an essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Boys and Girls Club’s Transition to an E-Learning Hub

My name is Heather Blankenbaker I’m a Kelley Business Management major with a minor in Cultural Diversity. I graduate this May and hope to be able to combine my major with my passion for youthwork in some way.

The Pandemic and Long-Term Care

My name is Jackie Carnaghi, and in this photo, you see my hand, my mom’s hand, trying to touch my grandpa’s hand through the glass at his nursing home. This was the first day we got to see him since the beginning of the lockdown here in Indianapolis. On this day we were able to see him and play tick-tack-toe. 

COVID-19, Virtual Learning, and ADHD

Danny Carroll is pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Work at IUPUI.

Rethinking the Use of Government Office Buildings in a Post-Pandemic World

Benjamin Clark is a PhD student in American Studies at IUPUI and holds a master of arts degree in public history, also from IUPUI. He has worked in state government as an historian for more than a decade

Covid-19 and the trends in housing prices in Brownsburg, Indiana

My name is Ryan Considine, resident of Brownsburg, Indiana. I have lived here most of my life and can give a good understanding of the town that I call home.

Cultivating Justice in a Pandemic Landscape

Dana Dobbins is an artist, musician, thinker, gardener, and first year master’s student in Applied Anthropology at IUPUI. They are interested in how grassroot organizing and the efforts of ordinary people help build communities. Their studies focus on historical archaeology, urban anthropology, and landscapes of both social control and social justice.

“Indeed, with all hardship comes ease”

Hello & Greeting!! My name is Zezo & I am a double major in Political Science & International Studies with a minor in Anthropology. I have been obsessed with politics & history for most of my life- but more so how politics has a direct effect on the culture & environment people are in. I want to know how that affects their interpersonal relationships, perceptions of love, religion, & their worldview.. I am originally from Egypt & I have learned many valuable things from my time spent in my beloved home country. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunities that have come my way from my time here at IUPUI to share my experiences. Inshallah (God Willing), I can continue to do this in my professional life.

Acrylics and Archaeology: Gender & Professional Life in the Age of Covid

I’m Holly! I’m a pansexual pirate archaeologist with an interest in classical archaeology and the archaeology of east Asia and the pacific. I spend most of my days within arms reach of about 70-100 human skeletons, several fossilized human ancestors, and a gibbon. Don’t worry, it’s cool and normal.

Serving in a Pandemic

My name is Thomas Dylan Goldberg, and I am a psychology major studying at Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis. While studying psychology I am and have been working part time throughout the pandemic as a server in an assisted living facility. My job mostly entails being a server although the pandemic has drastically changed things where I work.

Groceries, Shopping, and Inequalities

My name is Sha-Nel Henderson, I’m a senior at IUPUI studying Communication Studies. I am extremely excited and grateful to be graduating in the midst of a pandemic.

Covid-19 and the Headspace

Hi my name is Mason Johnson and this is my story about how Covid-19 has affected my mental space. This entry deals with the struggles of having peers who have different views of Covid.

Work is Where You Hang Your Hat

Shauna Keith is a graduate student in the applied anthropology program at IUPUI. Her interests are race and racism, memory, historical archeology, urban landscape and gentrification

Life Without Zoom? Don’t Know It

Madison Kerrigan is studying Global and International Studies at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. She is also pursuing minors in Anthropology, Spanish, and Economics.

A Forgotten Population: The Impact of COVID-19 on Substance Use Disorder

Destiny Lee: I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology along with a minor in Cultural Diversity at Indiana University—Purdue University. While I am new to the field of social work, I am no stranger to serving the surrounding community. I co-lead a young adult women’s small group, and also volunteer as the graphic designer for a monthly cultural event held in Indianapolis. I am passionate about helping individuals and families recognize and combat disruptive habits, using that awareness to bring healing and teaching them to build healthier lives overall. I also have a high interest in mental health, nonprofit, community outreach, and government work. My ultimate goal is to bring creativity, inclusion, and a people-oriented approach into the positions I hold.

It’s Okay to Be Not Okay

Allison Luthe has been Executive Director of MLK Center in Indianapolis since June 2015.  A graduate of Butler University, she also holds a Master of Social Work degree.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in American Studies at IUPUI, researching youth violence.  Allison and her porch cat, Wheezy, live in the Crown Hill Neighborhood within walking distance of MLK Center. 

Divisions During a Pandemic

Meghan Meadows is currently attending her first year at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis pursuing a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology and a Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Her friendly houseplant, J.P. (short for Just Plant), has been inspiring growth since 2009.  Her two cats, Ava and Sophie, are also studiously learning along with her as she pursues a new direction, and her spouse, Patrick, has lovingly put up with it all.

Autoethnography: Covid-19 in Mutia’s World

Mutia Morris is a 20-year-old junior at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Who is majoring in Anthropology with an interest catered in culture and politics.

As COVID-19 Subsides, What Can We Do to Help Build a Stronger Inclusive CITY?

Dean Peterson has been the Director and Coach of Cycling at Marian University for the past sixteen years. He is currently transitioning from his current position back to his roots as an educator. Peterson works part time with the University’s Klipsch Educators College while he pursues a Ph.D. in American Studies with a minor in Education at IUPUI.

The Impact of COVID-19

Jay’Mee Proctor is a senior at IUPUI, graduating with her bachelors in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in English this upcoming May. She aspires to own her own NGO that caters towards people, animals, and the environment.

Managing Burnout in Lockdown

Samantha Riley is a masters student in IUPUI’s Applied Anthropology program. She completed her undergraduate degrees in French and Anthropology at IUPUI, as well. She works for the Veterans Health Administration on various quality improvement programs.

Indiana’s Low-Income Families and their Struggles due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

My name is Gurpartap Singh and I am double majoring in Religious Studies and Anthropology, as well as minoring in Arabic and Cultures of the Middle East. This autoethnographic blog was written in regards to shedding light on a problem, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, faced by a community or neighborhood within Indiana.

The Sharp Reality of Covid-19: Community or Corporations

Michael Solazzo is a student at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and a resident of Carmel. He is studying General Studies with a focus on Arts and Humanity while minoring in Anthropology.

‘Just Get a Therapist’: Anxiety and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

My name is Hunter Taylor, and I am currently an undergraduate student at IUPUI in downtown Indianapolis. I am a major in History and Anthropology, with a minor concentration in Political Science. I plan on graduating in Spring of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in each of my majors.